No matter what you have to sell, Proactive Consignment Outpostcan help you turn those unused items into cash! Come by and visit: .

Proactive Consignment Outpost is a national chain of eBay drop-off stores that makes it easy for anyone to sell on eBay. Simply drop by the local Proactive Consignment Outpost - with items you'd like to sell, and Proactive Consignment Outpost does the rest! They photograph your item, write descriptions, and list it on eBay. Proactive Consignment Outpost takes care of payment collection, packing, shipping and customer service. After your item sells, they send you a check!

While selling on eBay is a great way to earn money for items you no longer need, properly listing, selling and packing those items can be a chore. That's why Proactive Consignment Outpost is so perfect - they do all the work for you!

To make it easy for anyone to sell on eBay, Proactive Consignment Outpost offers several programs:

Individuals - Have stuff around the house you no longer need? Bring items to Proactive Consignment Outpost and let them sell them on eBay for you. This is a great option when you're downsizing and no longer have storage space for those old items. Remember Proactive Consignment Outpost if you have event tickets to sell!

Give it a try and see for yourself why Proactive Consignment Outpost is the easy way to sell on eBay! Proactive Consignment Outpost will help you sell any item that:

Has an expected value of $100 or more

Measures less than 130 inches in length and girth

Weighs less than 150 pounds

Large Items - Proactive Consignment Outpost can help you sell even the largest items on eBay, including appliances, furniture, and home electronics. Locally, the staff has had good luck with doll houses, saddles, bicycles and musical instruments.

Personal Vehicles - In addition to helping you auction household goods and collectibles, Proactive Consignment Outpost can help you list your motor vehicle for sale on eBay. The staff will write the listing, take up to 32 photos and monitor the auction. The vehicle will be listed online and the Seller is responsible for paying the listing fee and the applicable eBay fees. This service also is available to sell motorcycles, boats, and RVs...

Auto Dealers - Turn that vehicle inventory into cash! Proactive Consignment Outpost Motors makes listing and selling your vehicles on eBay Motors affordable and hassle-free. Contact Proactive Consignment Outpost Motors for assistance listing and maintaining vehicle auctions on eBay Motors. For an affordable monthly fee, Proactive Consignment Outpost prepares the auction listings, takes at least 32 photos of each vehicle, and uploads the information. It's that easy!

Business Services - is ideal for business owners with inventory that needs to move. Don't keep discounting old inventory just to move it out the door; let Proactive Consignment Outpost list that discontinued or out-of-season inventory on eBay where it will be seen by a new audience ready and eager to buy. All types of items are eligible, from sporting goods and collectibles to electronics and fashion accessories.

Fundraising - This is where Proactive Consignment Outpost got it's start! Any non-profit organization can be registered with Proactive Consignment Outpost, then when individuals bring in items to sell, the proceeds of the auction will go directly to benefit the designated charity. It's a great option for schools and much easier than a traditional rummage sale.

No matter what you have to sell, Proactive Consignment Outpost can help you turn those unused items into cash! Come by and visit:

Proactive Consignment Outpost
2701 Ming Avenue,
Bakersfield, CA 93304